The Patriot

While taking product photos, we recognized that each of our watches had it’s own distinct character, and this led to their naming.  The Patriot fit in with pretty much anything that said USA or Air Force, or any version of that.  Naming it was easy.

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The Defender

The Defender seemed to fit in with a rougher crowd.  Knives, guns, flashlights, it was like another tool that you’d use to protect.

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The Classic

The Classic, on the other hand, fit well with the older planes.  It liked to sit on the wing of a P-51, and was at home in the cockpit of a Spitfire.

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With the help of over 400 backers Wingman Watch, Co was funded nearly 400% in September of 2015.



Created by Aviators

We are a small collection of military pilots who have one goal in mind; provide a quality built watch inspired by vintage military aviation at an affordable price. With a love of all things flying and a very specific attention to detail, we started down the path of creating our own design, and the Wingman was the end result. Now this is where you come in.

Simple Beginnings

Wingman Watches started when we were looking to purchase a watch with an historic aviation design and modern feel, without paying for the huge markups found in most modern aviation watches. We’ve spent countless hours working on a design that combines the true history of aviation time pieces with a modern style and sophistication.

Precision Manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing, we have pulled out all the stops. Our partners at Smith & Bradley are world renowned for the quality of their watches, and we’ve spared no expense when it comes to designing the Wingman. We source all our parts from around the world and assemble them right here in the U.S.A. All of our watches come with a 12 month warranty that protects against manufacturing defects.