Wingman NATO (G10) Strap

Wingman NATO (G10) Strap


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Add a different look to your Wingman watch with our new Wingman NATO (G10) straps.  

We designed these custom straps with comfort, durability and style in mind.  With their smooth 1.4mm “seatbelt” weave nylon, they are form-fitting and comfortable from day-one and more durable than thinner NATO straps.  We upgraded durability by tailoring them with heavyweight brushed stainless steel hardware, which also maintains a balanced proportional look when paired with our watches.   Other features include a “floating” stainless steel keeper to better secure the strap-end, sealed rectangular holes and our Wingman logo engraved on the buckle.  The result is a great looking NATO strap that feels right at home on a Wingman Watch.

Available in 5 solid colors (black, gray, navy blue, army green & khaki) and 3 striped colors (black/gray, racing green/gray & dark gray/khaki)


-smooth “seatbelt” weave nylon

-1.4mm thick

-22mm wide

-heavyweight stainless steel buckle

-brushed stainless steel floating keeper

-sealed rectangular holes

Have you ever wondered why it is called a NATO or G10 Strap?  This type of strap was originally referred to as a G10 strap.  It was designed by the British Military of Defense in the early 1970’s as a more secure method of attaching a watch.  British soldiers could obtain one from the unit supply store upon filling out a Form G-1098 or G10 for short.  On that form there was a NATO stocking number (NSN) assigned to this strap.  As the strap gained popularity among the servicemen, it soon became known as the NATO strap and has been used ever since.  It has gained notoriety by its cameos in James Bond movies and is a practical way to change up the look and versatility of any watch.  Enjoy this strap, solid or striped!

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 12 × 1 in

Black, Gray, Navy Blue, Army Green, Khaki, Black/Gray, Racing Green/Gray, Dark Gray/Khaki


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