“The Classic”

“The Classic”

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Currently in stock. While taking product photos, we recognized that each of our watches had it’s own distinct character, and this led to their naming. The Classic fits in well with the older planes.  It liked to sit on the wing of a P-51, and was at home in the cockpit of a Spitfire. The Classic, for the refined aviator.



Movement: Miyota OS20.

  • Japanese movement built by Citizen watch company.
  • 3 positioned chronograph, which is a fancy term for “stopwatch”, but when used in flying or driving for that matter, helps you determine speed, distance, etc.
  • 3 sub-dials. 60 sec, 60 min, and 24 hrs.
  • Pull/Push crown used to set the time and date and to adjust chronograph settings.

Case: 44mm wide, 11.5mm thick 316 stainless steel, comes in PVD black as well.

  • At 11.5mm this is incredibly thin, especially for a 44mm sized watch. This gives it a sleek, low profile on your wrist, unlike many of the 44mm+ sized watches that look big and bulky.
  • The case back is screw on stainless steel, which increases the thickness a fraction more than the snap on backs, but provides a lot more protection and strength.

Hands: Luminescent markers on the minute and hour hands, as well as on all 3 sub-dials.

Strap: Genuine oil tanned padded leather made in the USA.

  • 22mm wide.
  • 3 different colors (black, brown, and chestnut) with contrast stitching.
  • Water resistant with a stainless steel buckle.

Sapphire Crystal Window: Used in most high-end watches, it provides a much higher scratch resistance than the more common mineral glass.

  • Hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale.
  • Only surpassed by diamond in terms of hardness.

Water Resistance: By no means is this a diving watch, but it is water resistant to 100 meters (Note. Not water proof), though not recommended to spend a prolonged amount of time in the water due to the leather strap.

Other internal components: Top and bottom rockers are 100% stainless steel, and they run through a stainless steel routing into the movement.

  • A lot of cheaper watches will use a plastic router that breaks easily.
  • The stainless steel adds an additional cost but increases the strength by an order of magnitude.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 6 in
Watch Case Finish

Polished, Brushed

2 reviews for “The Classic”

  1. Avery

    Just got this for a birthday present and love it!!!!!! Not to big, beautiful design, comfortable band, i love it. As a prior Marine Aviator (Mechanic) , I never got to wear a watch while working, now i have one to wear everyday, dress it up or down, perfect……. It is Classic.

  2. c.emmett17 (verified owner)

    Love it really like the simple watch design it just looks simply classic. I’ve had it for a few months now and still love it. My watch band however was a little big I feel like I have normal size hands and wrists but it just seemed like it was missing a few hole on the watch band. It not really a big deal just surprised me is all. Also I saw that you guys were looking into more functional watches but I recommend that you guys make the 24 hour clock into a Zulu time sub dial instead of going digital. That’s just my opinion, If you are in the military you don’t really need to have a 24 hour clock it’s kind of redundant but having Zulu time would really help when you are trying to plan a flight and can’t remember if it is +4 or +5 this time of year. Still love it though keep it up and if you guys do a UH-60 watch I will definitely buy another one.

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